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Reflection of Gender and Power in the Salem Witchcraft Trials Essay of Gender and Power in the Salem Witchcraft Trials - Essay ExampleAn analysis of the event, with reference to the cultural norms prevalent during the era, reveals that gender is one among the salient factors that contributed to the culmination of the Salem Witchcraft Trials. In colonial New England women were considered as promiscuous and female children were assigned the lowest social status. Thus, it transpires that in a male dominant society, through implicating women in witchcraft, men have actually attempted to demonstrate their power within a patriarchal system by punishing the hapless females from the lower strata of society in the name of the Salem Witch Trials. During the trials, many including Constable Joseph Herrick deposed that they either had seen or were informed that one of the main accused, Sarah Good, had gone “barefoot and bare-legged� and “afflicted� Elizabeth Hubbard and other young girls (Godbeer 77).

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